Would House Rabbits Make Wonderful Pets?

Yes, I believe they do. I was a novice when it came to house rabbits.  About 15 years ago I received my first bunny rabbit as a Christmas Present.  I was living in an apartment at that time and friends of mine thought I needed a pet.  So on Christmas Eve so many years ago, I got my first house rabbit.

He was the cutest little bunny I had ever seen!  He quickly snuggled against my neck and right then, I knew, this was the Best Christmas gift I could have ever received.

I named him Foo-Foo.  He was a miniature French Lop, with light brown and white fur.  He had the big lopped ears and his fur felt like a big ole cotton ball.  I was hooked!

Over the years I learned how to keep a rabbit indoors as a pet.  House rabbits are great pets.  Besides their thumping from time to time, rabbits are really quiet.  Sometimes too quiet!

I have had 4 wonderful house rabbits, I still have my Oreo, and he's about 10 years old and full of life.  I have learned a great deal about house rabbits from having them and I would like to share my experience with you.  You will find out, like I did, how enjoyable rabbits really are.

Most people would assume house rabbits are just kept in a cage and fed once or twice a day.  If that's the case, then they are missing out on what could be a best friend.

Rabbit Tips: 

They LOVE to chew.    They may look big, but they can squeeze into the tiniest openings.

They need to be groomed and nails clipped just like a dog or cat.

They do not need to be bathed.  

Food they eat.

Treats they love.

House rabbits need room to run around and they like to hide under things.  That's why I have a rabbit room. My rabbits were and are not kept in cages. They had a cage to use as their home, but I never locked them in there.

If you can't keep them in a safe environment without caging them, then it's important to know that they need daily exercise.

The most important thing is that rabbits LOVE to chew.  They will chew any and everythng.  I always said if you want a new pair of shoes but need a good reason to buy them.  Well, leave your shoes out where a rabbit can get to them (and they will)and soon you will have a good reason to buy your new pair of shoes.

See? Problem solved.  The rabbit has chewed your shoes!

My bunny rabbits have always been very loving.  My rabbits have their own personality.

Foo was my lover; he liked to sit on my lap in the evening so I could pet him while we watched TV.  He would jump up on me and nudge my hand with his head, indicating for me to pet him.

Foo also enjoyed my waterbed.  He thought he was having fun jumping around my bed.  He also slept on my bed pillow at night.

After Foo pasted away, someone gave me my second bundle of joy.  I named him Petie.  Petie was just 8 weeks old when I got him and he fit in the palm of my hand.  He was my shadow.

I had Petie in a gated area, but he knew to chew through the gate to be with me in my bedroom at night. I woke up that morning expecting to find him in his area.  He was not there.  I started to panic.  Then I saw the little hole in the gate leading to my bedroom.

Sure enough there he was.  Comfy, cozy, sitting in my room.  He just wanted to be were I was.

Petie was a mixture of breeds, I believe.  He was gray and white with ears too big for his body.  I think he was part lop, angora and something else.  He was my Sweet Pete!

After a few years, I got Oreo.  Really I took him from my niece and nephew who got interested in other things.  So as a beloved bunny lover, I asked if I could have him.

Oreo and Petie became the best of buds.  They would lie next to each other and keep each other company.  I loved watching them together.  Petie has since pasted away and I'm sure Oreo misses him just as much as I do.

Izzy was an all gray beautiful rabbit.  Poor Izzy, never had much fun. He passed away 6 months after I got him.  Izzy was a relative of Petie.  I was given Izzy because the owners did not want him.

I kept Izzy in a pen, in my family room, so he could get acquainted with Oreo and Petie.  Izzy was always very nervous.  Then one day I saw that something had happened to Izzy's hind legs.  They were paralyzed.  My poor Izzy.  I had to put him to sleep.  He never had a chance to a wonderful life.

I love and loved each and every one of my boys.  They are just a joy to have.  I am so glad that on that special Christmas Eve that I got my first bunny rabbit as a gift.  What a gift is was!

And who knew I would learn all about rabbits as much as I have.  From bunny proofing my home, feeding rabbits and raising rabbits.  It has been a joy raising my boys and I have loved every moment.  Even the not so wonderful moments.

So let me share with you what I have learned throughout the years.

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