Rabbit Litter and Litter Box Training

People told me that rabbits could be trained to use a rabbit litter box like a cat. I found that they can, to a point and it’s very easy to do.

I first looked to see the area in the cage where my bunny rabbit always went to the bathroom. Rabbits go in the same place all the time.

So I placed the rabbit litter box in that spot and put some of their droppings in the litter box. From then on out my boys used their litter box.

Even when I moved, I put down their litter box and they knew to use it. Rabbits are very smart.

A word of caution. I found my rabbits would use their litter box for most of their bathroom needs. Their urine output definitely, but their little droppings are not always in their litter box.

Well, with my boys, they were not. Most of their droppings were, but I would find little droppings in their area. It’s not a problem to clean them up. I just use a broom or a vacuum to sweep them up.

My rabbits are not as neat as cats when it comes to litter boxes. That’s why they have their own room.

There’s some litter that they kick out every time they jump in and out of the litter box. (Maybe I have the wrong size or type of box) It’s just something I’m use to and the little messes they make does not bother me.

I always said, rabbits are like having a 2-year old, and 2-year olds makes messes.

I love my boys. Rabbits are such a joy to have. I believe bunny rabbits make a great house pet for the right person.

What’s the best rabbit litter?

I guess that depends on your preference. I have used four different types throughout the years and I can tell you which one I like the best.

But first, let me give you the pros and cons about the four I have used so you have some background information on them.

Shaved pine litter---I first used this rabbit litter. It does smell good and it masks the strong urine smell, rabbits have, but my rabbits were allergic to the pine. So I had to find something else.

I have read that pine and cedar shaving litter can be toxic to rabbits. So I would not suggest using this type of rabbit litter. Even though you will find it readily available at local pet stores.

Cat Litter---I tried the plain, no dust, and clay cat litter. You need to be careful if considering using cat litter for your rabbit’s litter box.

The dust from cat litter can cause your rabbit to have problems. Rabbits are very sensitive creatures. So some cat litter will cause them to have an allergic reaction or upper respiratory problems

Also, with the cat litter, my boys would kick or push the litter out of the litter box. So I would have more of a mess to clean up. This type of litter is also easily tracked throughout the house as well.

Wood chip litter--- I tried this small animal soft-absorbent chip litter. It’s similar to cat litter but made out of wood. It’s a soft material, which is good for rabbits to make bedding out of.

What I didn’t like is that the chips are small like cat litter so it was easily tracked all over Oreo’s room and throughout the house.

The best rabbit litter-- I like this litter that is made from wood pulp. It’s soft and absorbent and has great odor control. Best of all the pieces are big enough that Oreo does not track a lot of it out of his litter box. It will cost more than the other litter I have tried.

This litter is made of natural, biodegradable wood pulp fiber, sanitized to kill bacteria, mold and fungus. It comes by different names by different factories but is easily available at pet stores.

I buy the natural type. It does come in colors, but I stick with the natural. I don’t want to risk my bunny’s health with the color bedding.

This litter has no dust, it’s soft and Oreo likes to lay in it. Rabbits will like to lounge in their litter boxes. It’s a good practice to keep hay near their litter boxes so they can munch on hay while in their litter boxes.

The name of this litter is called Carefresh Pet Bedding.

Make sure that their litter boxes are changed daily. If I find Oreo’s litter box extremely wet, I will change it more than once a day. The wetness is not healthy to our rabbits.

Damp litter contains fungal and bacterial which can make rabbits sick. So make sure your rabbit is not sitting in damp litter.

Size of Litter Box---

I use cat litter boxes. I had the regular size boxes for Petie and Izzy. For Foo and Oreo, I use a smaller cat litter box. These boxes work well.

When I first received my first bundle of joy, there were not many rabbit litter boxes available to choose from. So a cat litter box is what I found to work the best.

Now days I see house rabbit litter boxes readily available at pet stores. So you should not have a problem locating one, if you choose to litter box train your house rabbit.

The size of the litter box should be big enough so your rabbit can turn around in. Rabbits also like to sit or lay in their litter boxes. It’s a comfy place for them.

You may also find them munching on some hay while they are in their litter box. So place some hay near their litter box that is easily reached.

Do you need one litter box for each rabbit you have? Well, I did not. When I had two rabbits at one time, I only had one litter box and they both shared it.

You may want to place litter boxes around the room, if your bunny is hopping freely in a large place. This way he has a litter box close at hand.

Since Oreo is a “senior citizen” he dose not wander too far from his area. So I only have one litter box for him.

To cage or not to cage......

Here is some info on cages.

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