Lionhead Rabbits Have An Unique Mane

No matter how the Lionhead rabbits began, I think most people will agree they are adorable.

They may be different versions on the origination of these bunnies but one thing is for sure, is that a Lionhead bunny is a mutation. And whoever started this breed the outcome is wonderful.

There are two different versions of this breed, a European and the United States. The European breed is a crossbred between a Swiss Fox, Belgian Dwarf and a small woolly breed. They have also added a lop eared Lionhead along with the erect eared.

The United States breed was imported from Europe, and then it was crossbred with different smaller breeds to improve the breed. In 2005, the Lionhead was finally recognized by the ARBA, but only in the tortoise color.

Since this is a relative new breed, and there are so many different colors the ARBA is taking time to prepare this breed for acceptance.

These rabbits are known to be a friendly bunny and they enjoy human contact. They will make wonderful house rabbit.

Since they have a woolly gene, brushing is a definite weekly routine for these pets. You will also need to check their little bunny bottoms to make sure they are kept clean. With the extra fur sometimes they need human help with the cleaning.

Lionhead Rabbits - Tips on rabbit care

Did you know all Lionhead bunnies do not look the same? It’s true. Some have full manes while others have a wispy mane. It’s all in the genes.

To find out more on these cute little creatures, try the North American Lionhead Rabbit Club. This club was founded in 2001 by a Minnesota State Rabbit Breeder.

I was told by a friend of mine that she saw a Lionhead at an animal shelter, or course when I went to the shelter the rabbit was already adopted. So if you are interested in a pet rabbit, you can check your local animal shelter or log on to Pet Finders. Enjoy!

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