Raising Rabbits Will Introduce You To A Wonderful New World

When I received my first little bundle of joy, I knew very little about raising rabbits. As a matter of fact, I knew nothing. I was just thrilled to receive my Fu as a present on that Christmas Eve.

Fu was this cute little rabbit that snuggled up to me. I was so excited to have him, how could I resist him! He just wanted to be loved.

When I took Fu home I realized, I don’t know anything about raising rabbits! What am I going to do know? All I knew was that this little guy and I were in it together. So I got his cage situated for him so he would be comfortable.

Wes’s husband, Mark told me raising rabbits was easy. Since he had done so when he was younger. Well, ok, I’ll find out how to do this then.

I investigated into vets that handled rabbits and found one near my apartment but I was not entirely confident that this vet really knew how to care for rabbits.

I then found another vet that truly handled rabbits. As a matter of fact, not only did they treat dogs and cats but also they handled all types of animals. I remember once Fu and I were at the vet’s office and there was a potbelly pig there.

The office gave me some information and tips on how to raise and care for a house rabbit. That was my first introduction into the rabbit world. The more information I found and read the better I felt. I was learning some important tips to ensure my Fu was kept safe and healthy.

I also learned and I’m still learning that raising rabbits is such a rewarding experience. Here is a small little creature that trusts you and depends on you completely. It was wonderful to come home and to be greeted by a little fur ball each night.

Before I started to work from home, Fu would be waiting for me when I opened my apartment door. He also loved to watch TV with me. The two of us, lying on the sofa, I would pet him and he would groom me. In the rabbit world, you are A-OK if they groom you. They are giving you their approval.

Raising rabbits is not difficult but it’s a responsibility that you need to take serious. Paying attention to your rabbit once in awhile is not enough. Your house rabbit can be a welcomed member to your family.

With love and respect, you and your bunny rabbit will become best friends. He will get to know your voice and your touch. He will want to spend time with you, and be around you. You can even teach your new friend a few simple commands with treats as a reward, such as, to come when called.

Oreo will come hopping if I tell him I have a treat. If he’s in another room, I just call out to him letting him know that I have a treat and soon he will be at my feet looking for his treat. He loves his treats, which are yogurt drops that come in different flavors.

When you have a house rabbit, you'll need to learn How to Care for Rabbits and keep them healthy.

Rabbits are sociable creatures. They love to be with other rabbits or with you. So make sure you spend plenty of time with your friend. I mean that’s the reason for having a pet, to spend time with it. Not just to keep it locked away someplace.

I have two dogs and they do not bother Oreo. Oreo does not play with them, but when Oreo comes out of his room to run around, my dogs will just watch him.

Oreo and Petie were best of buds. They did everything together. They would lie in the hallway in my apartment, side-by-side grooming each other or just being together. If one got up, so did the other one.

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Here's some ideas for bunny rabbit names. Let yourself Experience the joy of raising rabbits. You will be happy you did.

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