Bunny Rabbit Names - Here Are Some Names To Choose From

Bunny Rabbit Names – You just welcomed a little furry friend into your home. If he didn’t come with a name, what name will you choose? Picking your bunny’s name is a personal thing. Is he a boy? Or a girl? What if you don’t know?

I usually waited until I received the bunny and held it. Then I took the bunny to the vet to find out the sex.

After finding out the sex of the rabbit I then had to decide what I was going to name my new friend. Sometimes picking the name is the hardest part of all.

Here is how I chose the bunny rabbit name of my boys. Maybe it will help you when choosing a name for your new buddy.

Foo, my first bunny, was named by my niece. She was learning the “Little Bunny Foo-Foo” rhyme in school. Since I needed a bunny rabbit name for my little precious gift and I didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl, Foo was perfect. So Little Bunny Foo-Foo was mine. Then I found out that Foo was a boy.

After Foo passed away, I received another precious gift. It was an eight week old bunny that I named Sweetie, to begin with. This rabbit was so sweet and cute. I fell in love with him as soon as I held it. Since I didn’t know the sex of this rabbit either, Sweetie was a good unisex name.

When I found out the sex, I changed the name to Petie. I didn’t want to confuse him, so Petie sounded close to Sweetie. Petie was my new buddy that fit in the palm of my hand when I got him. I never had a rabbit that small before. I really had to bunny-proof my home.

Then came Oreo, but I didn’t name him. Oreo was my niece’s rabbit before he became mine, so she was the one to name him. Oreo is a two-toned chocolate colored rabbit. My niece thought he looked like an oreo cookie with his coloring so that is why she named him Oreo.

I received Oreo when Petie was approximately a year old and they became best friends. Where one went, the other followed. It was so cute watching them.

When I received Izzy, a beautiful grey rabbit, I again didn’t know the sex. When I got him I asked, “Is it a boy or is it a girl?” During that conversation with the apartment manager who gave me Izzy, the name Izzy came to mind. Then it became his bunny rabbit name as I found out that Izzy was a boy.

These are the ways I came up with my bunnies names. I always like to look at the bunny first to see if the name fits.

Another sister of mine got a bunny for her kids and they came up with a name of Buns-Buns. It’s another unisex name that will work for a boy or a girl. Buns-Buns looked like a cousin of Oreo. He had the same coloring.

Here are some bunny rabbit names that I came up with that may help you name your new bunny or give you an idea to come up with a name.

Girls Names:

Amy, Annie, Bella, Betty Bunny, Claire, Dora, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Ethel, Fiona, Flora, Gloria, Hannah, Harriett, Jane, Josie, Joy, Kimberly, Liz, Maribel, Natalie, Pearl, Rita Rabbit, Ronnie, Rosie, Stella, Zoe

Boys Names:

Al, Arnold, Benjamin, Billy, Bob, Charlie, Chester, Dave, Dexter, Dwayne, Everett, Frank, Fred, George, Gunter, Hal, Harvey, Hunter, Irvin, Jack, Jerome, Jerry, Larry, Luke, Marty, Max, Mickey, Mike, Nate, Oscar, Paul, Peter, Rex, Russ, Sammy, Sloan, Steve, Tom, William

Unisex Names:

Angel, Aspen, Buffy, Bunny, Buns, Cotton, Cottontail, Flopsy, Fluffy, Foo, Hopper, Hunny Bunny, Izzy, Midnight, Moose, Mopsy, Onyx, Oreo, Precious, Smoky, Snow, Snowball, Spot, Star, Sundance, Thumper, Trix

I hope the above names have helped you give your new friend his or her new name. If you didn’t like any of the above bunny rabbit names, maybe they inspired you to come up with the perfect name to fit your bunny. Either way, I wish you much joy and happiness with your bunny. I can’t imagine my life without a bunny.


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