Dwarf Rabbits - The Mini Versions of their Cousins

Dwarf rabbits are the subcompacts of their larger relatives. The dwarf rabbit breeds are a perfect size if you are looking for a smaller pet. These smaller rabbits weigh between 3-5 pounds except for the Britannia Petite and Netherland Dwarf, which weigh around 2 pounds. Take a look at these following rabbit breeds if you are interested in a smaller pet rabbit.

Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Mini Satin, Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hoto, Polish and the Britannia Petite.

These breeds are easier to handle since they are smaller. The dwarf size was perfect for me when I was living in a one-bedroom apartment and had limited space. That’s when I received Fu, a Mini-Lop, and he was the perfect size. Oreo is also a mini whereas Petie and Izzy were standard size pet rabbits. I’m working my way up to a Giant breed!

Dwarf rabbits are more manageable just because they are smaller and lighter. It all depends on who will handle the rabbit. Will it be an adult or an older child? Since some rabbits are more nervous than others, it will take a little more effort to manage them. It also depends on the rabbit’s personality; each rabbit had their own personality.

Here are the descriptions of the Dwarf Rabbit Breeds.

Mini Lop - This mini version is similar to the French Lop. This rabbit weighs about 5 pounds. With their droopy large ears, they come in agouti, broken, pointed white, shelf, and shaded, solid and ticked colors.

Mini Rex – This rabbit breed is growing in popularity. The fur is short and airy, almost velvety to the touch. The weight of this rabbits is around 4 pounds. Since this type of fur lacks the protective fur on the footpad, owners of this breed need to take extra care from letting the rabbit get overweight and they need to be kept on surfaces that have some softness. This breed comes in black, black otter, blue, Californian, castor, chinchilla, chocolate, lilac, lynx, opal, red, sable, seal, white, and broken.

Mini Satin – This breed is the mini version of their larger cousin the American Satin. They are well known for their vibrant colors that look silky and shiny. This is due somewhat to translucent hair shafts. These rabbits weigh about 4 pounds. Only the white Mini Satin may compete in shows for Best Mini Satin even though this breed comes in many different colors.

Netherland Dwarf – This is one of the smallest breeds besides the Britannia Petite. The Netherland Dwarf is so popular because this breed looks like a baby rabbit even when it is fully grown. And who can resist a baby rabbit? They weigh about 2 pounds and come in a variety of colors. They are also prone to dental disease since their head are so small and their jaw is shorter.

Dwarf Hoto – This is a rabbit only seen in white fur with black circles around the eyes. Some may think the rabbit has eyeliner on but it’s just the characteristic of the breed. The black band around the eyes gives the appearance of wearing makeup. This rabbits is about 3 pounds.

Polish – Some experts think this breed is not named after the country of Poland but rather to its shiny coat. This breed weighs around 3 pounds and comes in black, blue, chocolate, blue-eyed white or ruby-eyed white.

Britannia Petite – This is a curious but tiny rabbit weighs about 2 pounds. This rabbit either comes in all white or black otter coloring. This is a good pet rabbit for someone, an older child, who can gently care for this rabbit that is fine boned and light in stature.

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