Lop Eared Rabbits - The most recognized breed!

It’s true; these Lop Eared Rabbits are so easily recognized because of their large ears that flop down beside their heads. Some say they have hound-dog ears! To me, Lops are the cutest rabbits since three of my four rabbits were all Lop eared rabbits. I love ALL rabbits but my favorite has to be the Lop rabbits. I can attest to their friendly disposition.

All of my boys wanted to be with me most of the time. They are friendly and very lovable. These pet rabbits are very sociable; they want to be where the action is!

Their large floppy ears give them a special look that is unique to this breed. Lop rabbits are probably the easiest to recognize between all the breeds because of their ears.

In the past, there were Lop rabbits whose ears flopped over their faces and ones that had ears that flopped to the same side. These breeds are now extinct. The breed you will see today has its ears that flop down beside its head.

Since their ears do not stand up, it has been noted that Lop rabbits are prone to ear infections. I have been lucky in this area since none of my boys had or have any ear problems.

There are four breeds in the Lop family.

The English Lop

The French Lop

The Holland Lop

The Mini Lop

The English Lop

This is the oldest breed of the domestic rabbit. It was developed in the 1800’s and the 1st of the Lop eared breeds.

At shows, when judging this rabbit their ears are the most important aspect. On an adult rabbit its ears can measure twenty-five inches or more in length. These rabbits weight around ten pounds.

The French Lop

This rabbit was first developed in France in the 1800’s. It is a cross between the English Lop and the Flemish Giant. This Lop has a heavier built than the English Lop but has shorter ears. This breed also weighs around ten pounds.

The Holland Lop

This rabbit was developed in the 1960’s in Holland and is a dwarf breed of the Lop. It is also know as the Netherland Dwarf Lop. It has a tiny, compact body weighing around four pounds.

The Mini Lop

This breed of Lop was developed in Germany in the 1970’s. The original name for this breed was Klein Widder until the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) recognized it in 1980’s.

This breed is similar to the French Lop but only weighs around five pounds.

Lop rabbits make a wonderful pet. They are very sociable, loving and affectionate. I know mine have always been and are such a joy to have around.

I only have Oreo now, who is a mini Lop rabbit, with my girls (dogs) and he still is top bunny as far as I’m concerned. Oreo loves to hop around the family room in the evening when I’m watching TV in there. My girls get along with him and even Oreo is now looking for treats as my dogs are.

So you see Lop eared rabbits are a great pet and there are four different breeds in the Lop family to choose from.


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