Rabbit Supplies - Is your house ready to welcome your new friend?

When you have decided to bring home your house rabbit, you’ll need to have some rabbit supplies ready. It would be beneficial to the both of you if you had his area ready. This way you will be able to put him in his area so he will get acquainted with his new surroundings. He may be nervous at first, but give him some time to get use to his new home.

If you have the rabbit supplies ready prior to bringing your house rabbit home, your rabbit’s homecoming will be less stressful for you and for him.

Here are the rabbit supplies you should have ready.

· A rabbit cage, if you have decided to keep your house rabbit in a cage, make sure the cage is not too small. Your rabbit needs to feel comfortable in his new home. See the section on Rabbit Cage If your rabbit is free to roam, make sure you have an area that is his ready. You will still need to make a bed for him and have a nesting box, food and water bowls in his area.

· Food bowl – make sure the bowl is the correct size, not too big or too small. Your rabbit should be able to reach the bottom on the bowl with ease. Since rabbits love to chew and are known to turn their food & water dishes over, look into buying a heavy ceramic dish.

· You will need a water bottle or water dish. I have used water dishes in the rabbit cage for my boys as well as water bottles. They liked both of them equally. I would suggest buying a ceramic bowl if you choose to use a bowl, so your rabbit cannot tip it over.

· Little box and rabbit litter if you choose to litter box train your house rabbit. Make sure the litter box is the correct size for your rabbit. You do not want something that is too small. You want your rabbit to be able to turn around in it comfortably. Please stay away from the pine shaving rabbit litter, even though it looks nice and smells nice, it can cause health problems with your new friend. (See the section on Rabbit Litter)

· Nesting box, get one big enough so you house rabbit can lay out in. He might spend a lot of time in his box in the beginning until he gets to know you. This is his security hideout. Make sure it has good ventilation so your rabbit does not get over heated.

· Loose hay is a must. Hay helps rabbit digestive system and helps eliminate hairballs, which is very important to your rabbit’s health. Timothy Hay is a very good hay to give him and Alfalfa Hay is good in small amounts, maybe as a treat.

· Chew Sticks so your friend has something to chew on that is good for him. Rabbit’s teeth constantly grow, so they need things for them to chew on besides your good furniture.

· Toys to keep your house rabbit from getting bored. An empty toilet paper rolls, a small ball, and check out small animal toys. You can even check out cat and dogs toys. Just as long as the toy cannot be broken by your rabbit. Safety first!

· Bedding, I have old towels and sheets down on the floor for my Oreo. I tried the cute little beds that the pet stores carry for small animals, but Oreo would have nothing to do with it. He likes to lie on the old towels and sheets.

· Carrier, get a car carrier for the times you take your house rabbit to the vet. Even if he is not sick, a yearly check up is a good thing to do. A carrier is good also if you are traveling in a car and your rabbit tends to jump around. My boys always just sat next to me in the car as I drove them to the vet for appointments. I have a harness around them just in case I had to grab them.

· Harness and Leash. If you want to train your house rabbit to walk on a leash, get your rabbit his own harness and leash. There is a harness/leach combo made especially for rabbits or you can get a cat harness. Take your time; it will take time for him to get use to the harness. Then take him outside in the yard and you’ll have to walk were he leads you. Rabbits don’t walk (like a dog); they hop from place to place as you follow.

· Grooming supplies. You will need some grooming tools to keep your buddy looking his best. A flea comb, a wire brush (depending on your rabbits coat), nail trimmer (if you are going to trim his nails).

Having your rabbit supplies ready will make your house rabbit’s homecoming a welcomed event. Everything will be in place and you can just put your new buddy in his new home. It will be less stressful for the both of you and you can enjoy the process.

With my first rabbit, Fu, I was given almost everything I needed to welcome him into my home. What a relief! I got to enjoy Fu and I didn’t worry about were to keep him, how to keep him, etc. it was all done.

The rabbit supplies I received when I got Fu, I was able to settle him in his new home right away. I didn't have to worry about finding and buying the major rabbit supplies after I received him.

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