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When I found SBI's website, I was excited. I realized that I could build a website to help other owners of rabbits. Here is my story of how it all got started.......

One Christmas Eve, many years ago, I fell in love with a little lop-eared rabbit that I named Foo. That wonderful Christmas gift introduced me to the wonderful world of rabbits. I learned that they make a wonderful house pet. They are just so darn cute and each has their own different personality. Bunnies are not just some small animal to keep in a cage and feed twice a day. They will interact with you if you let them.

I found that out with my first little guy, Foo. I was amazed how he was more like a cat. If he wanted something he came and found me. It was funny how he would sit on my stomach so I could pet him while I watched TV. If I stopped, he would nudge my hand as if to say “Hey, why did you stop?” “Keep going”.

Yes, I learned a great deal about these furry friends from having my boys. I learned they are wonderful house pets. Just like dogs, cats or any other animals. I was amazed when I first had Foo on how quiet he was. He would thump from time to time when he was warning me of danger. Other than that he was quiet as a “church mouse”.

I fell in love with Foo the minute I picked him up and he snuggled against my neck. How could I not!

I became to be known as the local bunny guru among family and friends. If anyone had a bunny question they would ask me. I was always happy to help anyone who needed it.

I realized there were not many books on rabbits. There are storybooks about rabbits, some wonderful kids books and a few books for us older bunny lovers, but not many on information about rabbits.

That started me thinking to start a website on information about rabbits. I had no clue how to start, what I needed. You know the old saying, “I didn’t know enough to know I didn’t know enough.” That was me!

I started researching on the web for information about websites. I got info on how to build a website. But what do I do after I have my web pages written? I still didn’t feel comfortable enough to jump right in. So I kept looking, knowing that a website was the way to go. I just had to find the right way to plan, compose, even to start a website.

I needed a step-by step plan to help me to understand the big world of websites. This entire html’s were confusing me. I like a good mystery, but not when I’m trying to accomplish something.

Then I found SBI!SiteSell’s website. I read their info and listened to the video. I knew this was what I needed. SBI's Solo Build It.

Solo Build It!

I must admit that I did sign up for their Solo Build It program but my fear, doubt and procrastination got the better of me and I didn’t DO anything with my program. I think I went through the first 4 days of the SBI!Solo Build It’s Action Guide, and then I stopped. Bad move on my part. I guess I was afraid that I needed to know more about the mechanics than I do. I found out that I didn’t, it’s a complete program. Fear is a terrible thing.

I know I wanted a website, that much I definitely knew. Beyond that, I was lost. I got my nerve back and started from the beginning with Solo Build It. I am so glad I did and you know what? SiteSell program takes you one-step at a time and you can work at your own pace. I didn’t need to know how to activate my website or some of the other mechanics because Solo Build It does that for you. It’s part of the program. Whew!

There are tools and guidelines to follow. Each day is a new step with a learning video as well as written material. Once you have your niche and website there is a whole new world that opens for you. There are reports, tools and guidelines to help you with setting up your web page and much, much, more. There is even a wonderful support team to answer your questions.

I’m sorry I waited the first time around but I’m so happy I went forward and now have a website I’m working on.

I find it to be fun and enjoyable to inform other people who enjoy rabbits as I do. It’s this wonderful connection I now have with people all around the world that I can offer information to. Before it was just family and friends and now it’s who ever needs it. What a wonderful feeling to share.

This all happened because I decided to put my fear aside, and go forward to learn how to build a website from SBI! Solo Build It Action Guide.

Yes, I do love my SBI! It was easy, the do-able steps shows how to build a website. It does take some time, I takes some thought, but with each step you take you get closer to your end result. What a wonderful feeling! I am so thrilled each and everytime I finish a page and get it added.

Now, you can also start working for yourself or have a second income doing something that you enjoy doing. I have fun working on my website and learning new ways to make it better. The best part is that, with SBI, it's very easy. I thought it would be difficult, but it's not.

So enjoy what you like to do. Tell the world what you know. Building a website is the easy part with SBI! Site Built It!

. Solo Build It!


Shirley Luiza

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