Rabbit Care - Do You Know How To

Hold Your Rabbit?

These rabbit care tips will help you to handle your pet rabbit and become more confident when doing so. First, introduce yourself to your rabbit by hand feeding him a piece of fruit such as a piece of apple or a treat such as a yogurt drop.

Your rabbit may seem a little nervous at first but with love and patience he will begin to trust you more and more. Before you know it, he will be looking forward to your visits.

Remember, bunny rabbits are fragile little creatures so when lifting them up you need to do it with confidence and the proper way. They will sense fear and may become jumpy, so try and remain calm.

It will become easier the more times you handle your rabbit. Never pick up your rabbit by their ears. Never, ever do that, you will injure them. Handling a rabbit properly is an important step in rabbit care.

To lift your pet rabbit up, place one hand under his chest, firmly but not tight. Place your other hand under his rear-end, supporting his back legs. Then lift him up and bring him to your body. Hold him securely but do not squeeze him, you may injure him if you do.

If your rabbit feels unsafe he will wiggle to try to get free. Do not let him jump from your arms. Place him quickly but gently to the floor and try again later.

Maybe your rabbit needs a little more time getting to know you. Try just sitting on the floor and letting him come to you. Let him check you out. He’ll hop around you, maybe chin rub on you, (leaving his scent) or just sniff you.

You can keep hand feeding him treats and start petting him. All my rabbits loved it when I scratched them between the eyes. Oreo lets me know when he wants a scratch. I could be petting him put if I don’t scratch him between the eyes, he will let me know that I’m not finish yet. Once I scratch him and he is satisfied he will hop away.

When I was new to my boys, I would sit on the floor in their area so they could come up to me. I would put my hand out so they could smell me and if they allowed me, I would pet them. At times they would only let me pet them a few times. But the more I did this the more they were comfortable with me, as I was with them.

Sometimes, I would lie down on the floor and read a book in their area. This way they had the opportunity to check me out. They could jump up on me, and check me out more. I would talk to them from time to time, calling their names, seeing if they would come to me. Mostly, I just wanted them to get to know me. It worked out great. Little Petie at 8 weeks old was my shadow. Whatever room I was in, so was he, until I got Oreo then the two of them became buddies.

Take the time to know your rabbit, then when it’s time to handle him you will feel at ease and he will feel safe. Handling your rabbit is an important step in rabbit care.

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