Caring For Rabbits - Do You Know A Good Way To Monitor Their Health?

Caring for rabbits is a simple but important thing to do. Your rabbit should be feed every morning and evening. I sort of bend this rule by having dry pellets available to Oreo all day/night long. I let Oreo eat his pellets when he is hungry.

Each morning I give Oreo 3-4 baby carrots, a leaf of greens and 3 yogurt drops. In the evening, he gets 3 yogurt drops and a leaf of greens.

When caring for rabbits, greens (green leafy vegetables) are very important. It helps my boys with their digestive track and helps to eliminate hairballs. Oreo loves Green Leaf or Romaine Lettuce the best.

When caring for rabbits, a good way to monitor their health is by the size of their droppings. A good sign would be if your rabbit had firm, round droppings. However, if their droppings are too soft this could indicate diarrhea or small droppings or a lack of droppings may indicate constipation. Call your vet for suggested solutions to correct the problem.

I found out after many visits to a vet that I was feeding my boys the wrong kind of lettuce. Stay away from Iceberg lettuce. It has too much water in it and no nutritional value and your rabbit may have loose stool. Stick to a darker green leafy lettuce such as, Green Leaf, Romaine or Collard Greens. Caring for rabbits nutrition link

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Once I changed the type of lettuce they never had the problem again. They have good, healthy droppings.

Make sure fresh water is given to your house rabbit each day. Water is very important as well as hay. Hay, which is high in fiber, is also something your rabbit should have readily available to him.

Hay helps eliminate hairballs and depending how often you groom your buddy, he may digest a lot of fur. If you do not groom your rabbit often enough, the loose fur in his coat will be eaten by him when he grooms himself. Rabbits are always grooming themselves, and the excess fur in their coats will be swallowed by them and can cause hairballs.

Unlike cats, rabbits cannot regurgitate hairballs. They will set in their bellies and cause blockage problems for your little buddy. So by grooming and having hay for them, readily available, you cut the chances of them having a problem.

This brings me to grooming your rabbit. Make sure you have a good wire brush to groom him. Start by brushing his coat, softly and gently. Removing all the loose fur. This will help eliminate hairballs and help you to bond with your house rabbit. Also check the under side to make sure he has a clean bunny butt.

Clean the litter box daily. If your rabbit’s litter is extremely wet you will need to change it ASAP. Do not let your rabbit lie on wet litter. Read more on Rabbit Litter/Training

Rabbits like to lie around in their litter boxes if they find it to be comfy. So make sure it is clean for them. Remember, your little friend is depending on you to keep him healthy and happy.

So you see, caring for rabbits is not difficult. It may take some time, but the rewards you get with bonding with your rabbit are well worth your effort.

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