How Long Do Rabbits Live?

The quick answer to how long do rabbits live, is 7 -10 years. However, my Oreo is between 12 -15 years old. My sister told me he is 15 years old and since Oro was her daughter’s bunny first, I guess she may be correct. To tell the truth, I know Oreo is over 10, but I’m not sure how much over he is.

I have had the pleasure to have four house rabbits in my life and they all had and have different life spans.

It’s true that house rabbits live longer than rabbits that live outdoors. Outdoors rabbits have to deal with a lot more stress and rabbits do not handle stress well.

Rabbits that are kept outdoors have to deal with the weather, predators, and difficult conditions than the house rabbit. Outdoor rabbits live between 5 -7 years.
House rabbits live in a better condition. They become, or I hope they become, a part of the family. So it they begin to show signs of illness it is caught earlier than outdoor rabbits.

RABBIT CARE plays an important role in your rabbits life span. Knowing the proper way to care for your rabbit will help him live a full and happy life.

Knowing how to HANDLE your house rabbit, how to PROPERLY FEED him will add years to his life. So the question on how long do rabbits live, depends on how well your rabbits lives.

Even though Oreo is a senior, he still hops around, usually in the evening, joining me in the family room. Oreo still gets his wants across to me. If he wants a treat and he hears me in the kitchen (that’s where I keep his treats) he’ll hop out to the hallway that tells me he wants a treat. Oreo is getting just as bad as my girls (dogs) when it comes to wanting a treat.

Don’t think of touching his treats either, because Oreo will growl at you. He will give you a little warning to back off. He has never bitten me, but I’ve been growled at a few times.

How long do rabbits live, depends on how well they are cared for, and if they are healthy to begin with. That’s why it is important to find a vet that specializes in rabbits. They know how fragile these little guys can be.

Rabbits are a commitment, just like any other animal. And just like any other animal, if you show them love and take care of them, the love they give in return is immeasurable.

How Long Do Rabbits Live- Learn Their Language

I can’t tell you how much joy my boys (rabbits) have given me. They each had their own personality, but they all were a joy to have.

So I won’t worry about the question, how long do rabbits live, just enjoy and love them as long as you get to have them.


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