A Rabbit Hutch Is More Than Just A Place To Keep Your Rabbit.

A rabbit hutch is also a place for your rabbit to feel safe and secure. Whether you keep your rabbit inside or outside, a hutch is their home. It’s their place to enjoy their life, eat, and sleep.

My rabbits were kept indoors and they had a special place in a spare room.

There are some marvelous rabbit homes you can buy now. I wished I knew about this company before.

A rabbit house for the indoors!

There are many different rabbit hutch designs that will fit your and your rabbit’s needs. Most hutches are made out of wood and wire.

The hutch design should allow for great ventilation. Rabbits can get overheated when temperatures reach above eighty degrees.

If housed outdoors, the hutch also need a flap or some sort of closure to keep the cold and windy weather out. During the cold weather months, these flaps will keep your rabbit comfortable along with added straw.

Since rabbits are prey animals, their hutch, if housed outdoors, should be high enough to keep them safe from predators.

Most hutch plans have a wire bottom on the hutch so the rabbit’s droppings will fall through to the ground. However, the wire may be difficult on your rabbit’s feet.

A mat or piece of board to cover an area of the wire may be beneficial to your rabbit. Of course, this depends on your rabbit hutch design.

If you have wood working skills you can build your own customized rabbit hutch. However, if you are like me and a hammer is dangerous in your hands….you can find some helpful information on the web.

Here is one I found that may help you with your hutch design.

How to build an outdoor rabbit hutch.

If you like to buy a hutch already made, you can check your local pet store or check out this site.

Rabbit cage source

Having an indoor hutch is also helpful. If you don’t have a room that can be turned over to your rabbit, an indoor hutch may work perfectly for you.

Your rabbit will enjoy their own area. It’s a place for their food, water, and toys.
Indoor hutch introduction

Here are other cages

Wherever you decide to keep your pet rabbit, make sure it is a safe, secure, and an enjoyable place for your rabbit to live.

Just remember to let your rabbit out a few hours each day to get some exercise. This is very important. You do not want to keep your rabbit in his cage all day. He needs to get out and run around.

Another important tip is to talk to your rabbit daily. He may not know what you are saying, but he will know your voice. It is a great way to bond with your rabbit.

The more he gets to know you, the more he’ll feel comfortable around you. Then soon he will come hopping when he hears your voice.

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