Rabbits Life Span - Tips on making your rabbit live long and healthy

Your rabbits life span will vary depending on whether you have your little friend inside or outside. On an average, the rabbits life span is 7 to 10 years. Outdoor rabbits live a little less (I’m sorry to say) depending on their surroundings and how well they are cared for.

Since outdoors rabbits spend less time with their human companion, illnesses are not detected as easily as an indoor rabbit. Indoor rabbits interact with their human companion easier and more frequent so if he is sick, it is usually caught sooner.

This is why indoor rabbits life span is longer than outdoor rabbits.

Here are some tips to help keep your house rabbit live a happy, health long life. When your furry little friend becomes elderly he may start having trouble as senior humans do. You may notice a sign of arthritis, difficulty hopping around. Talk to you vet; there’s medication that may help with the inflammation. Make sure you have a comfy spot for your friend to lie down on. Get an old blanket or towels and make a soft comfy bed for him.

Some senior house rabbits have trouble grooming themselves so make sure you brush your rabbit. This helps in removing a lot of excess fur, which helps eliminate hairballs. Hairballs can cause problems with your friend’s digestive track and cause blockage. If you get in the habit of brushing him on a regular basis you can lower the chances.

Senior house rabbits may also have trouble grooming their backend. If you see your rabbit having difficulties reaching his backend you may need to clean it for him. Depending on how dirty he is will determine the course of action.

If you rabbit is just a little dirty, take a wet washcloth (just for bunnies only) and gently clean his backend. If he needs to be washed, this is what I did when my boys were sick and needed cleaning.

I would get a tub (an old dish tub) and fill it with warm water just enough so they could sit in the water. I would always hold them under their belly for support and to let them know I was right there!

I would not get their body wet, just their backend. I used rabbit shampoo that you can find at the pet supply stores. Clean them well while holding on to them, rabbits are not too fond of baths. Make sure you rinse them well. I made sure I support their backs and hold their hind legs so they cannot kick them. They will try to get out of your hold if you are not careful.

Then I wrap them up in an old towel and dry them off. If your rabbit will tolerate a hair dryer, you can dry them off with that. Just make sure the heat setting is not too hot!

Another tip is to keep your furry friend’s nails trimmed and make sure there are no sores on his feet. You can have your vet’s office staff trim his nails or you can trim his nails if you feel comfortable doing so.

Make sure your rabbit is not in any discomfort. Loud teeth grinding means your rabbit is in pain. Call your vet and make an appointment so they will find out what is causing his discomfort. READ THIS CHAPTER ON RABBIT HEALTH ISSUES. Spend more time with your senior rabbit. He will enjoy the affection and companionship you are showing him. Keep him calm and comfy. With these tips your rabbit will live his senior years comfortable, well loved and well cared for.

My Oreo, who is a senior rabbit, is in my laundry room. This room is between the kitchen and family room so he gets to see and hear me often. I talk to him almost every time I pass his room. He is free to roam his room and the other rooms but he mostly stays in his area. I make sure he is not just a rabbit in a laundry room. He’s my Oreo, a loving member of my family who happens to be a house rabbit living in the laundry room.

A rabbits life span, if he is young or a senior, will depend on his surroundings. If he is raised with love and attention, then a rabbits life span can reach well over the normal year span. I know this because Oreo is older than 10 years old. People would tell me that rabbits only live 7 to 10 years. I know, but Oreo is not ready to leave. So, a rabbits life span really depends, I guess on his surrondings and the rabbit!

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