What Do Rabbits Eat, Besides Lettuce and Carrots!

You have welcomed a new furry little friend into you home, but what do rabbits eat? Don’t worry; feeding a house rabbit is very easy. Share your salad with them (minus the dressing). Let me explain.

House rabbits love lettuce! There are some types that are better than others to give to you new friend. For an example, Iceberg lettuce is not as nutritional as Green Leaf or Romaine Lettuce. Iceberg lettuce is mostly water so I try not to give it to my boys, only if it’s the only lettuce I can find at a given time and only in small quantity until I buy a better type of lettuce.

I buy Oreo Green Leaf or Romaine Lettuce and he gets a leaf of lettuce twice a day. Lettuce is very good for house rabbits’. digestive track. It helps keep them healthy.

What Do Rabbits Eat - Read these Important Tips

What do rabbits eat besides lettuce? House rabbits also eat fruit, pellets and hay. I know Oreo loves apples. I give him fresh pieces and he eats them right away. So I know apples are a favorite. I just give Oreo a few slices cut into small pieces.

At the pet supply stores, I’ve seen where you can buy dried apple pieces. I have not tried given these to my boys, so I cannot say if they are a favorite or not. I just share my fresh apple with my boys, well now its just Oreo.

All my boys love yogurt drop treats. It’s the one thing they looked for each and every day. If Oreo hears me in the kitchen, he will come in to the kitchen to let me know he wants a yogurt treat. It’s like a kid in a candy shop; he gets so excited over yogurt!

Hay chews are also very important to house rabbits’ digestive systems. They need fiber rich foods to keep them healthy and happy. Timothy Hay is good hay; pet stores are starting to carry other grasses that are also good. Alfalfa, which is enjoyed by rabbits, should be given in small quantities. This type of hay given in large amounts may make your rabbit overweight.

What do rabbits eat, that give them the vitamins and minerals they need? That would be Pellets. Pellets are a main staple in a house rabbit’s diet. Pellets have nutritional value that your friend needs and comes in a variety you can choose from. Since Oreo is a senior rabbit I buy him the pellets that is high in fiber.

Pellets are usually given twice a day. However, for my boys I always keep a bowl of pellets out so they can eat when they are hungry. I give Oreo his yogurt drops, baby carrots (3 or 4 carrots) and a leaf of lettuce in the morning. In the evening he gets a leaf of lettuce and a few more yogurt treats. I always make sure he has pellets and fresh water.

The hay I give Oreo is loose and in chew blocks. I have noticed that he likes the chew blocks better. The chew blocks are Alfalfa hay pressed into little blocks for rabbits and other small animals to chew on. I also give him Timothy Hay loosely in a container.

I believe Oreo is happy. I know he feels at home as he hops around the family room in the evening. He is ever so busy hopping here and there, ripping newspaper that I left out for him. I put newspapers in places I know Oreo will go, so he’ll have something to play with when he gets there. Rabbits love to chew, so by letting him rip the newspaper, it gives him an activity that leaves my cords alone (most of the time).

It’s a wonderful treat for me to have my girls (dogs) and boy (Oreo) hanging out with me in the family room. They get along with each other; it’s cute to see them together.

You don't have to worry about what do rabbits eat, because they basically eat what you do. You can share your salad or your apple with your friend.

Feeding rabbits is easy as long as you feed your friend properly and don't over feed him. I was always told my boys were on the heavy side so I had to cut-back on the treats. I also had to watch how much of the pellets I was letting them eat.

So, What Do Rabbits Eat? There is a variety of nutritional foods you can choose from to feed your friend.
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